In a universe far away called Irilspiral, there exists a civilization of great knowledge on a small planet of Xylon. The beings who lived there named Khala led a peaceful life, upholding and researching the powers of Elements that flowed around infinitely in Xylon. However, they stumbled upon ruins of unknown origin that holds within an ancient evil known as Blasters. Without knowledge about these blasters, they had accidentally released them out upon Xylon.

The Blasters started to devour and consume all Elements presented in Xylon causing every life to wither. The Khalans, just discovering that the cause of these events is those Blasters they have released, knew it was too late to save Xylon and the only choice they had was to escape from the dying planet before death arrives to all of them. Before long, Xylon was left, dried of its ever flowing elements, and exploded, sending Blasters all around the universe.

With guilt of releasing the Blasters in their hearts, the Khalans sworn to chase and hunt down these Blasters. A group of them had now reached Ariar, and thus the next chapter starts.

Alan, a young swordsman who witnessed the destruction of his whole village by blasters. He seeks to avenge his mother and lover, and the whole village by completely wiping out all blasters, those that appear before his eyes and not. Alan wields a sword using his own burning rage and life force as a fuel to fight.
Alan is a sword-user that utilizes an all-in strategy in executing attacks. He can quickly sprint to close gaps and sacrifice his HP itself to increase his power, going all out offensive. Aside from that, Alan gains large amount of Crisis gauge to use his skill with every attack made but has a very low regeneration.
Elona, a small stature Elven orphan devoting her life to help others. Her focus is now set upon the recent Blaster threats that are destroying the world. With her Bow skills learned from her savior alongside the control of wind, she is a fearsome archer of the deep woods.
Elona is a ranged character who utilizes great flexibility in her attacks to avoid any damage and deal as much as she could. She has a double jump to position herself away from harm and attack from afar. With that, Elona uses a slow regenerative Spirit gauge system mixed in with moderate gains from attacking to use her skills.
Stella, a young queen-to-be princess, was forced to fled from her homeland as her life was ruined when blasters attacked on her fated crowning day. Wielding magical powers only known in legends, Stella aims to destroy the blasters as well as return to her homeland and restore it one day.
Stella is a battle mage character, wielding great offensive but weak defensive powers. She has a floating skill that allows her to avoid harm as well as retaliate with various elements. Stella has a little mana gain from attacks but very high gauge regeneration which she could boost it while sacrificing defensive powers.

Objectives are goals in which a player may choose what is next for their character whether it be fighting in a Freedom Field with unlimited respawning monsters like those in an Open-World Game, Missions that are not limited to just fighting with Blasters but protecting and collecting key objectives as well, or advancement through a dramatic storyline.

Special fields with respawning monsters spread all over the world of Ariar as a path for players to travel between towns. Players will get to feel the dangers of Blasters while traveling and get a feel of playing in an open-world setting.

Blast Breaker Online gives the choice of unlimited leveling of skills but allow a player to use only 6 actives and 6 passives at once. In this way, players are forced to choose which skills they wanted to use according to the situations they are facing.

Blast Breaker online also gives the choice of choosing how a skill is used based on the actions of the player. A single skill might have various ways to use it whether it be changing the number of projectiles, changing the direction of the attacks, changing elements, or et cetera. It's all up to players how they want to use it.

XCeed are special, great looking, ultimate moves that requires a special gauge for usage. A full combo of an XCeed skill could send most targets to their demise thus players are advised to use them on situations that needed them only as they are not easy to earn.

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